Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Posts Are Difficult!

A blog has been on my heart and mind to do for many years.
I've made lists of topics to write about that number in the hundreds.
I've made attempts to start blogging in the past, more than once.
I have struggled to find a blogging rhythm and I've decided this is because first posts are difficult.  They carry a lot of pressure- they set the tone, they give that critical first impression, and they display what the writer is all about.  If I make my first posts about baking I feel like I'm more or less sending the vibe that this blog will be primarily about food.  If I say something political that has my feathers ruffled then I am saying perhaps that this will be a highly opinionated blog.  If I talk about what my kids are up to then am I committed to making the rest of the blog a diary of my daily life?  These are the thoughts that keep me from writing first posts which has kept me from blogging for the better part of the past decade. But at some point, I think, one just needs to get through that awkward first impression, regardless of mistakes made or vibe originally set. Since my INFP self could easily spend another whole decade trying to get the first step just right typing and hitting delete over and over again, never satisfied- I have decided instead just to power through and learn as I go.  And since I am pretty terrible at self-promotion , I might not have too much to worry about! :)

Ok. Since perfection has been excused from the table, I'll just introduce myself by way of some of my favorite Pinterest pins of the week.  Feel free to follow me here!

serenity... <3

what I imagine beyond that window :)

A bike to ride down that wooded path...

And some wisdom from a remarkable lady to reflect on while riding. <><

God bless.

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